Fits in.
Sticks out.

This is post-streetwear. This is stólen.
We combine mild cuts with a spicy attitude. Never be out of place, but stick out like a face tattoo!

Business in the front,
party in the back, baby!

Our one and only mullet pieces come with a subtle chest logo and back prints that slap.

To our mullet collection

No gimmicks. Just a fine logo embroidery on the chest and nothing else. For when you want to keep it classy.

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Good things come to those who...

We try to keep you & mother nature happy.

That's why each of your items is handcrafted in Germany, after you've placed your order.

It usually takes around 5-7 days to send your package on it's way, but it also means less waste and a cleaner planet.

One more thing: Please let printed pieces sit for 5 days, before washing (inside out, on low temperature). That way you can enjoy them for longer and... I guess we're repeating ourselves.


Want to return an item?

Fine. We're not judging.
Check out our 30 days return policy here.
Spoiler alert: We can't offer free return labels just yet, but we're working on it. Thanks for taking one for the team!